in the Aspen Park Village Center

25797 Conifer Road, Unit B-219

Conifer, Colorado


find us off Highway 285 on Sutton Road

between King Soopers and the Conifer Post Office

next to "Look What I Found" Boutique




Sometimes uplifting and loud.  Other times meditative and quiet.  Worship at Risen Lord is about experiencing the Holy.  You can do that by yourself on a mountainside, but in its fullness together in community.

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When Jesus talked about the "Kingdom of God," he was not talking about some future afterlife.  He was talking about a world of peace, wholeness, justice, and care for the poor and marginalized right here, right now!  At Risen Lord, we serve others in so many ways...

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Our spiritual journeys last a lifetime.  We never stop growing in faith.  Risen Lord offers faith growth opportunities for people of all ages.

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